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Breast Augmentation in Cape Cod

Breast augmentation is an effective procedure that will increase the size of your breasts. Cape Cod Plastic Surgery provides patients with several surgical options to enhance appearance.

Reasons People Choose Breast Augmentation

Dissatisfaction with breast size is one of the most common reasons people choose to have this procedure. Sometimes patients are also dissatisfied with the symmetry between the breasts, and getting surgery can help correct this issue. Aging, weight changes, and pregnancy can lead to sagging, which causes many women to choose corrective surgery. Sometimes women simply want their clothing to fit more comfortably, seeking surgical adjustments to size and shape.

Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation provides patients with a number of long lasting benefits. This long-term solution often helps women achieve the figure that they have been striving to achieve. With enhanced breast size and symmetry, many women report higher confidence levels and better fitting clothing and swimwear after the surgery.

What You Can Expect After the Procedure

Immediately after the surgery, physicians wrap the chest with bandages. Some patients will have a surgical compression bra to support and help with healing. Drainage tubes naively may be put in place temporarily.

Pain may be significant for the first 48 hours after surgery, but most patients notice a marked decrease in pain after this point. Pain medication will help ease discomfort. Discoloration and swelling are also common, but these issues also dissipate quickly.

Walking will be slow at first, but patients must ambulate for at least a few minutes every hour or two to prevent blood clots in the legs. Stiffness is common, but this should improve after about five days.

Although most physicians restrict excessive activity of upper extremities for several weeks after a breast augmentation, most patients find that they can increase activity level gradually according to comfort until they regain their former routine.