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Liposuction in Cape Cod

Liposuction, or Lipo as it is sometimes called, is a medical procedure that suctions out body fat in designated areas. There are a few variations to this procedure, including new methods initialized by physicians. Patients elect to undergo this surgery for both medical and aesthetic reasons. Below are a few types of liposuction Cape Cod Plastic Surgery has to offer.

Laser Assisted Lipo

This standard type of lipolysis utilizes a laser to permanently remove body fat on targeted areas, such as the tummy, thighs, and neck. The laser usage does not involve cutting the skin, making this a minimally invasive method.

Smart Lipo & Cellulaze

A laser is used in these techniques as well, although they are intended to tighten the undersurface of the skin. Many patients with cellulite (dimples on the surface of the skin) opt for this technique. The Smart Lipo laser fires sideways, the Cellulaze technique fires a laser from all directions, penetrating deeper to eliminate fat and tighten skin.


This method involves the use of a cannula and tumescent liquid. The liquid is injected into the fatty tissue of the targeted area. The cannula is an instrument that resembles a thin tube, which is used to suction the fat. As the procedure is performed, blood vessels become tighter. This results in minimal blood loss and scarring.